The Story

The Story

Health, Length and Strength. This is what we all want for our hair and this is what is at the core of Muva Nature. 100% natural ingredients from mother nature herself carefully combined to make a range of afro hair products to moisturise, grow and strengthen 3a -4c hair. We also pride ourselves in our products being 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.


My daughter, like many, has natural thick afro hair that is very thirsty! I found it almost impossible to find a product that would keep her hair moisturised for an entire day. After research I found that most products contained many chemicals to extend shelf life or smell good which were not ideal for our hair. I studied the science, I run thorough extensive trial and error and I modified based on consumer reviews. Muva Nature was born. We infuse our products with 100% authentic chebe powder from the African Republic of Chad. Africa’s secret to hair growth. Finally, products that keep hair moisturised, visible hair growth, less breakage and has no chemicals!


It is not a secret that natural hair products are better for us. Everything good for us and our hair comes from mother nature. This is what Muva Nature use to make its products.

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